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WELCOME TO South County AutoMarket

Thank you for visiting South County Automarket! We are a small specialty automobile dealer and broker; whether you are looking for an inexpensive pre-owned vehicle in great shape, or that luxury car you thought you could never afford, or even a brand new car, we can help!

We started South County Automarket to create a place you can buy the car of your dreams and not have to worry about paying too much, or if you are buying a quality vehicle. Each car we sell has been thoroughly inspected and has been handpicked by our General Manager with over 20 years of experience. All of our vehicles are backed by a limited warranty, and most can be extended by several years for a nominal cost. For your convenience, we have a 6 bay service and maintenance department at our disposal, ensuring your new car continues to look and run as well as the day you took it home.

Since our overhead is low, we have the unique ability to work with razor thin profit margins to provide our customers with some of the best values in Orange County. We believe that building long lasting relationships will lead to long term profitability, which is why we employ a policy of upfront pricing; once you find a car you like, we will gladly tell you what we can do for you on the price.
We have a business partner agreement with the CA Department of Motor Vehicle, which allows us to immediately print out your official CA registration card, and provide you with license plates and stickers before you drive your new car home.
New or pre-owned, any make, model or year, we will provide you with an exceptional value on your next vehicle! If we don’t have what you are looking for, just ask; chances are we can get within a few days.

For nearly any vehicle, we also offer a full line of accessories, wheels and tires, and extended warranties.

 — MANAGEMENT TEAM, South County AutoMarket


What’s your car worth? Receive the absolute best value for your trade-in vehicle. We even handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!



Benjamin May
Chief Executive Officer
Virginia Allan
President of Finance
Keith Hardacre
Executive Vice President
Dylan Allan
Sales Manager